Jordi Ferreiro (Barcelona, 1982) is an artist and educator. His work explores the processes of reception and interpretation of artworks – in both the educational and artistic contexts – via the use of performance and public participation.

Ferreiro uses formats considered by exhibiting institutions to be pedagogical, only to transform them into artistic formats (and vice versa) through the use of collaboration and dialogue. Using this technique he has succeeded in turning traditional forms like guided visits (The Emperor’s New Clothes); audio guides (A Conversation with the Museum or A Performance to Be Performed); conferences (Le Lotissement du Ciel, Hyperconference); and participatory events (The Presence or Another Story/Another Occasion) into something different.

Ferreiro’s work seeks to generate interferences between the curation and mediation departments of cultural institutions, moving his process away from the traditional channels of art dissemination. Under this premise, Ferreiro has carried out projects in various international institutions, such as Z33 (Belgium), Zacheta Gallery (Poland), MAC (Bogotá Museum of Contemporary Art), Lugar a Dudas (Cali), Valand Academy (Gothenburg), Gaîté lyrique (France); as well as locally, in MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art), CaixaForum (La Caixa Foundation Cultural Centre), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Art), Matadero (Madrid) and La Casa Encendida (Madrid).