Affidavit Of Understanding And Indemnity And Hold Harmless Agreement Due To The Covid-19 Emergency

Baytown Farmers Market (BFM) and its representatives, volunteers, employees, successors and/or beneficiaries of the assignment are not liable for any damages, including property damage and/or personal injury suffered by a seller, its representatives, collaborators, guests, successors and/or recipients of the assignment that may occur in any part of the BFM Marketplace, regardless of the cause of such injury or damage. Seller waives any claim against BFM for any liability, damage or expense resulting from a right to injury or deterioration of any person or property or of any kind, as well as all costs related to the defense, including attorneys` fees. The seller undertakes to keep BFM and its collaborators, volunteers, representatives, successors and / or beneficiaries of assignments in case of injuries or damage suffered by third parties or property resulting in whole or in part from the use or presence of the seller on the premises of the subject. I have obtained a copy of the market rules for the Baytown Farmers` Market and I agree with the conditions contained therein, including the above-mentioned safe provision. Typical form of compensation (CAP set-off) for defects, rights of pledge, charges, injurious rights or any other matter, if any, established, appearing first in the public registers or after the date of the commitment, but before the date of registration of the instruments under which the proposed insured acquires the estate, interest or mortgage covered by this obligation. Note: Due to office closures related to COVID-19, we may not be able to temporarily save documents during normal activity. Before entering into this agreement, please visit the Special Events, Parades, and Public Gatherings Permitting Process website. For and in view of the granting of permission for a Community Site Event or Special Event, to the extent that, like the City of Reading, its representatives and collaborators, declare that the City of Reading, its representatives and collaborators agree to all acts, means, claims, damages, costs, loss of services, attorneys` fees, expenses and compensation due or in any way to my participation in any/or all events during the (Event) in ________ .