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App Store Connect is a suite of web-based tools to manage apps that are sold on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iMessage. As a member of the Apple Developer Program, you use App Store Connect to transmit and manage apps, invite users to test with TestFlight, add tax and banking information, access sales reports and more. Learn more about the transmission of contact, control and banking information, as well as the user roles you need. I wanted to know if I should put in place agreements, taxes and banking, to make only the “productsRequest” and get valid product identifiers? If you want to sell books under a fictitious name or a doing business as (DBA) name, first complete your contact, tax and banking information in agreements, taxes and banking transactions. When you`re done, you send a query for a DBA/Pen name. You must prove the name you want, such as a fictitious DBA business name certificate or an IRS license or tax document. Once the information is verified by Apple, an administrator, financial or legal user must provide contact, tax and bank information. Check the Action column in agreements, taxes and banking transactions to see if there is more information we need to complete your agreement. Note that you need to take these steps to receive payments directly from Apple. In order for your titles to appear on the iTunes Store, you (i) must have an in-effect contract for that area, all necessary banking, tax and contact information, and (ii) that your territory rights titles be assigned to that country or region. You can view the status of your contracts and request contracts for other domains on iTunes Connect for agreements, taxes and banking transactions. You can view your territorial rights for multiple items by requesting a report on their content and individual elements with “Clean Movies” using catalog reports. To add rights to a domain, access your titles in My Movies.

Incomplete account configuration without up-to-date/agreed contracts/agreements hinders the full configuration of the application and testing to your end, yes. Due to the contract not yet accepted in the Apple account, can`t we push a new build from Xcode to Appstore connect? It fails if you press a compilation of Xcode. Do I have to complete the details of the payment of the contract? I don`t think you`ll have to accept the paid app.