An attempt to make perceptible the imperceptible

“An attempt to make perceptible the imperceptible” has been conceived ¬†as a site-specific installation that tries to change the perception of the exhibition space.

The main point of departure of the installation revolves around diverse currents of thinking that seek to reconsider the exhibition space, arising from art history, institutional critique and education. These theories call for a museum far removed from the strict protocols regarding space, freed from the established codes that maintain a physical and emotional distance between the public and the object.

To resolve this abyss, this project explores the euphoria that playing can provoke.

The 4 hours of the opening, a canon indiscriminately bombarded the entire Homesession space with 30 kilos of golden confetti.

The confetti, apart from falling on top of the spectators and inundating the entire space, fell on top of a table, in the form of a vitrine, something fairly typical in a traditional museum, where cuttings from books about museography are shown. One had to look for the information, clearing the top of the table and casting aside the traditional role of the simple observer.