Boilermaker Agreements

The agreement is managed by a high-level international representative from each of the 14 participating trades, as well as an administrator from the construction department, the AFL-CIO and the Contractors Associated Maintenance. The agreement has been in existence since 1956 and generates millions of hours of work every year. . BCA Notice – 2016 CRA Transportation Rate Changes – February 23, 2016 Ontario – Notice of Settlement and New Wage &Benefit Schedule – April 29, 2016 Employment of Helmets to Hardhats Canada Registrants Letter of Understanding – 2018 Local 128 – Monthly Union Dues Increase – January 2020 Building & Construction Trades Department Anthony Jacobs, Director of National Construction Agreements 8000 Corporate Drive, Suite 160 Landover, MD 20785 Phone: (301) 577-4822 The multi-provincial collective agreement consists of the following master part and provincial links: For more information, please contact the Washington D.C office. Ontario – Ministry of Labour Regulatory Consultations &MOL Semi Annual Stakeholders Mtg – 4. November 2014 Local 128 Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator – July 24, 2018 The General Presidents` Project Maintenance Agreement aims to make available to contractors who perform additional ongoing maintenance work at industrial sites in the United States skilled and highly skilled craftsmen, using a nationally negotiated collective agreement, which covers many of the commission has already done so. Storage of stocks at the condominium. Ontario – Ministry of Labour Working At Heights & Stakesholders Meeting – December 17, 2014 Ontario – Memorandum of Understanding Notice – July 14, 2016. . Ontario MOL OHSMS Consultation &IHSA Boilermaker H&S Committee Ontario – Local 555 (Northwestern Ontario) Apprenticeship Ratios – April 16, 2015. .

Ontario – Notice of IHSA Management Representative Vacancy on Health & Safety Committee – 11. March 2015 National Health and Safety Fund – Valid from 1 July 2018 Multi-Provincial – Changes to the Multi Provincial Collective Agreement and wage & Benefit Schedule Format – Valid from 16 years old. Reduction of contribution to human resources planning – Valid from 7 January 2018. Ontario – Memorandum and letter on the potential eviction of the Boilermaker Union (IBB Local 128) – January 24, 2013. 2010~2013 Collective Agreement – Valid from July 3, 2011 Ontario – News Release – Local 128 Letter re: Core Health and Safety Training – April 8, 2016 Ontario – Notice – Local 128 Understanding Brief – November 30, 2016. . . Ontario – Pay and Benefit Plan – Valid from 3 years of age. May 2020 Ontario – Local 128 Apprenticeship & Training Trust Funds – Trustee Position Vacancy – September 7, 2016 Monthly Union / Field Dues – Effective January January 2018 Letter of Understanding – Apprentice Ratio – November 12, 2018 Disclaimer: This website contains web versions of BCA Negotiated Collective Agreements converted from printed originals and which are not the official versions.

The Boilermaker Contractors` Association assumes no warranty as to the accuracy of the completeness of the electronic versions and is in no way responsible for the liability of the Boilermaker Contractors Association for any damage resulting from the use of the electronic versions. Priority is given to the content of the official hard copy version. Boilermaker Contractors` Association Contractor` Association members can get a printed version from our office. Ontario – Employer Obligations for October 27, 2014 Municipal Election Canadian Model V.6 E-Learning – 25. September 2019 Ontario – Notice of New Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training Program – October 13, 2015 Agreement for the Activation of the Existing 2010 Multi-Provincial Collective Agreement Fit S chedule(s) and Working Conditions for Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Mackenzie District. . . .