Body of my own

Taller de Tecnología Jurásica

Jurassic Technology Workshop



This workshop was carried out with science museum educators and educators from the Museo Parque Explora in Medellín as part of Congreso RedPOP: the Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Popularization of Science and Technology.

During the three-day workshop we presented a subjective view of science, connected to experience and personal perception, taking as an example The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles and the work of artist Joan Fontcuberta. Organized into groups, we selected different elements from the park’s aquarium (the animals themselves, information for visitors, exhibitions and even architectural elements) and designed expository posters that subverted the scientific discourse regarding the animals on display.

On the final day of the workshop we conducted a series of alternative guided tours, different from those normally provided to the public. Workshop participants dressed up as aquarium educators for the day and gave tours mixing biological ideas with political, philosophical and social concepts in the local context of the city of Medellin.

Juegos de mesa

Workshop/Juego de tablero

Espacio Villarosás-Barcelona


For the presentation of issue number 6 of Apartamento Magazine a series of acts took place at the gallery “Villarosas”. The idea of table was the focus/centre of attention for different subjects, such as cooking, talking, working and playing.

The artists were:

-”Working” with Ignacio Uriarte.

-”Talking” with Emilio Lecuona

-”Cooking” withAlexandre Bettler.

Each of these topics had an artist that worked as a “host”, one which created a series of participative sessions.
In my case, I held the subject matter about “Play” and in order to combine that with a formal explanation about my work, I decided to convert the presentation in a table game (from here the title) in which using different dynamics and rules about different games of chance.

So each task that was carried out during the action/speaking was related to my previous works, influences, to my favourite artists, ideas that we have never done before or failed ideas…

Social sculptures


Z33 museum-Belgium


Together with Katrien Oosterlinck, I developed a collaborative action/workshop for the exhibition “Nepotists, opportunists, friends, freaks and strangers intersecting in the grey zone “.
The workshop is about dance focused on the relation between body and space.

Dibuixant l’espai

Drawing the space


Centre d´art la Panera-Lleida


“Drawing the space” was an action with whom I worked together with a kids group the idea of the white cube and I proposed them to draw a new three-dimensional space inside the exhibitor space, using tape in different colours.