Participative conference

Ca l´Estruch theater-Sabadell



This conference was influenced by the idea of “Hiper-narrative” and “Conversational Adventures”. In this project, the speaker tell a story and the public have to choose their own path in order to arrive to different endings. Each participant receive 2 colour cards that is used to express the choices in the story. After some choices, most of the participants had been eliminated and only few of them survived.

Le lotissement du Ciel

The heaven’s urbanization


MACBA (Barcelona).


This was a project commisioned by Chus Garcia and in the programme of “Se busca 2010” in different participative actions with the museum workers, about the idea of “Le travail en perruque” or how to cheat the institution for play in the work time.

So in this project I was working with all kind of workers (cleaning, security, information and entry staff) organising strategies for play at working time.