Una perforación al archivo-pulmón

“A perforation to the lung-archive”

Performative lecture

Archivo Gordailua (Irun)


This conference takes place in the heritage archives of Gordailua (Center for Patrimonial Collections of the Diputación de Gipuzkoa) and starts from the discovery of a series of historical materials and documents of missing museums in the Spanish territory. The talk, performed as an archaeological lecture, sets out to think about the implications of looking at such images and texts today, in light of contemporary debates about heritage, democracy, nationalism and progressive education.


Participative conference

Ca l´Estruch theater-Sabadell



This conference was influenced by the idea of “Hiper-narrative” and “Conversational Adventures”. In this project, the speaker tell a story and the public have to choose their own path in order to arrive to different endings. Each participant receive 2 colour cards that is used to express the choices in the story. After some choices, most of the participants had been eliminated and only few of them survived.

El oráculo de Parneso

“The Parneso’s Oracle”

Installation and poster

Homesession (Barcelona)/Le Gaite Lyrique (Paris)


The mythological figure of the oracle, Silvio Berlusconi and divination techniques trough time, are the elements of a speech performance that is narrated by a human sculpture. The installation is a greek oracle’s temple that works as an scenary where a performer talk with one or two spectators.

Before the installation, I designed a a poster with 2 different color channels at the same time. The visitor have to look at it through 2 color lenses, allowing to see each channel separately and revealing different messages.

Le lotissement du Ciel

“Una urbanización en el cielo”


MACBA (Barcelona).


This was a project commisioned by Chus Martínez inside the “Se busca 2010” programme based on different participative actions with the museum workers. Under the idea of “Le travail en perruque” or how to cheat the institution during our work time to gain some extra social time. We worked with all museum workers (cleaning, security, information and entry staff) designing and organising strategies for playing during our working time.