Chabahar Agreement Between India And Iran

The scholar Neil Padukone does not believe that India`s goal is to encircle Pakistan. [82] India needs access to iron from the Hajigak mine in Afghanistan and other natural resources from Central Asian countries Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, which is made possible by the port of Chabahar. However, in the long term, pipeline-to-rail-to-sea-to-road transportation costs through Chabahar should be bypassed by direct transit through Pakistan. So far, Pakistan has been reluctant to grant such access. [83] The U.S. State Department does not currently consider military cooperation between Iran and India to be part of the Chabahar project, although it has warned India against maintaining cooperation with Iran within the legal framework. [84] The United States also considers the Indian presence in Major Asia to be beneficial in spreading the soft power of democratic and friendly regimes. [18] India hopes that Western countries would use the Chabahar route to connect to Afghanistan and reduce their dependence on Pakistan. [85] The Hindu cited leaked versions of the 18-page Comprehensive Plan for Cooperation between Iran and China, which was finalized by officials in Tehran and Beijing.

Cooperation ranges from investments in infrastructure, the production and modernization of energy and transportation facilities to the rehabilitation of ports, refineries and other facilities, and will ensure iran`s oil and gas supply to China during this period. India appears to have expressed concern about the growing proximity between Iran and China, with the two countries negotiating a 25-year strategic agreement, Anadolu News Agency reported. Chabahar`s link to the country`s rail plan is under review and review. [Citation required] A rail link between Chabahar and Zahedan will connect Chabahar to the Kerman-Zahedan train once completed and then to the Trans-Iranial railway. [65] The bilateral agreement between India and Iran gives India the right to develop two berths in the port of Chabahar, as agreed in 2015, and allows them to be operated for 10 years by India Ports Global, a joint venture between Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and Kandla Port Trust, in partnership with Aria Banader. [48] India Ports Global has guaranteed the handling of 30,000 TEUs until the third year of operation and aims to finally liquidate 250,000 TEUs. [49] The rail project, which was discussed between the Iranian Railways and the State Indian Railways Construction Ltd (IRCON), is expected to be part of India`s commitment to the trilateral agreement between India, Iran and Afghanistan to build an alternative trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia. On 14 July 2020, Iran continued to build the Chabahar-Zahedan rail link independently, citing delays in India`s proposed funding.

[64] Iran made a statement in which it stated that the financing of the rail link by the IRCON had been negotiated, but had not been the subject of an agreement between India and Iran. [80] “The question of whether this 25-year treaty with China, which is currently only a political agreement, will one day be operational, remains open,” he said. “There may be opportunities for India.” In keeping with its desire to be seen as an important regional player, Iran has taken the initiative to cooperate with all neighbouring countries to improve Chabahar`s transit potential. It signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Afghanistan and Tajikistan for the construction of railways, water lines and energy transport. She was very interested in extending the Khvaf-Herat railway line to connect it to the railways of Central Asia, Turkey and Europe. It has reached an agreement with Oman, Qatar, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan for the establishment of a transport corridor between these countries. In addition to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Oman, Syria, India and Central Asian countries, it is also an important partner in the North-South International Corridor (INSTC), which aims to link South Asian and Central Asian countries to Northern Europe via Iran and Russia.