Exoteric Department

Exoteric Department is an artistic and educational project which, by creating a research department in an exhibiting institution, attempts to demonstrate that alternative ways of learning and teaching are possible. The department is made up of 35 students from six different universities, and its approach to work encourages horizontality, self-management and self-learning in the participants.

The name of the project refers to the concept of Exotericism – a method of open teaching which dispenses with teacher/student hierarchies and displays a willingness to venture outside (in contrast to the concept of Esotericism).

The project progresses over the course of six months, through a combination of lectures, visits to cultural spaces, screenings and sessions with guest tutors. Under the motto “What would you like to learn? What can you teach?” participants construct the project programme in accordance with their interests, opening up a space where they can access responses which are different to those from the formal educational context.

Currently, Exoteric Department are Laura Juanós Lamagrande, Paula Ramos Arnalda, Neus Masdeu, Susanna van Roessel, Carla Cànovas, Clara Gassull, David Corral, David Maeso, Anna Izquierdo, Sergio González, Ana Amorós, Adrià rojo, Clara Johnson, Judith sánchez, Andrea López, Juan Escribano, Magda Vaz, Clara Casanovas, Laia Closas, Maria González, Jesús Carmona, Andrea Girós, Sara Lorite, Blanca Utrillas, Oriol Cabarrocas, Juanma López, Aina Dorda, Yolanda Jolis, Bernat Amate, Ariadna Miquel, Duna Vallés, Elena Blesa, Eulàlia Garcia, Juan David Galindo, Celeste Marí, Berta Fontboté, Carlos Gil y Carlos Ruiz.