If this, then that

A project in collaboration with Katrien Oosterlinck and Eline Van Riet, Alies Jacobs, Johannes Hoffman, Sarah De Zutter, Kathy Vanhout, Aron Wouters, Sarah Goosens, Olivier Vanschoonbeek and Helena Wuyts.

“If this, then that” is an open structure – a performance whose duration is determined by the randomly selected rhythm of a metronome, and whose number of participants is always variable, due to the fact that the public is invited to take part too.

This choreographic performance does not follow an established script, but is instead based on a series of instructions which we developed with participants in a preceding workshop, under the motto “If this, then that”, focusing on the creation of momentary sculptures and living images.

One of the performers begins by entering the designated space and performing a series of gestures and movements using their body and/or any objects lying around. Another participant must then respond to this action by adding or removing elements. Participants are free to choose when they want to enter or leave the performance, maintaining the question-and-answer dynamic and providing the spectator with a sensation of controlled chaos.