Juegos de mesa

For the presentation of issue number 6 of Apartamento Magazine a series of acts took place at the gallery “Villarosas”. The idea of table was the focus/centre of attention for different subjects, such as cooking, talking, working and playing.

The artists were:

-”Working” with Ignacio Uriarte.

-”Talking” with Emilio Lecuona

-”Cooking” withAlexandre Bettler.

Each of these topics had an artist that worked as a “host”, one which created a series of participative sessions.
In my case, I held the subject matter about “Play” and in order to combine that with a formal explanation about my work, I decided to convert the presentation in a table game (from here the title) in which using different dynamics and rules about different games of chance.

So each task that was carried out during the action/speaking was related to my previous works, influences, to my favourite artists, ideas that we have never done before or failed ideas…