Nouns Agreement and Articles

As a copy editor, it`s important to pay attention to proper nouns agreement and articles in order to optimize the search engine optimization, or SEO, of your content. These two grammar rules help convey clear and concise information to both readers and search engines, which in turn can boost your website`s ranking.

Nouns Agreement

Nouns agreement is the rule that nouns and their modifiers, such as adjectives and pronouns, should agree in number and gender. This means that if a noun is singular, its associated modifiers should also be singular. Similarly, if a noun is plural, its modifiers should also be plural.

For example, consider the following sentence: “The cat purrs loudly.” In this sentence, “cat” is singular, so the modifier “loudly” is also singular. If we were to change the sentence to refer to multiple cats, we would need to change the agreement accordingly: “The cats purr loudly.”

When it comes to SEO, proper noun agreement can be important because it reinforces the subject of the content and makes it easier for search engines to understand what the article is about. Inconsistencies in noun agreement can confuse both readers and search engines, leading to a lower ranking.


Articles are small words that precede nouns and indicate the specificity or generalization of the noun. There are two types of articles: “a/an” and “the.”

“A/an” are indefinite articles that refer to any member of a group. They are used when the specific identity of the noun is unknown or unimportant. For example, “I need a pen” or “Can you pass me an apple?”

“The” is a definite article that refers to a specific member of a group or a specific thing. It is used when the identity of the noun is known or expected to be familiar to the reader. For example, “The pen on the desk is blue” or “The apple I ate was delicious.”

Using articles properly is important in SEO because it helps to clarify the content`s topic and purpose. It also helps the search engine algorithm understand the content`s relevance to a particular search query. Therefore, it`s essential to use the correct article with the appropriate noun in order to provide clear and accurate information.


As a copy editor, it`s important to be diligent in identifying and correcting inconsistencies in nouns agreement and articles. These grammar rules are key to creating content that is both understandable to readers and SEO optimized. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help increase your website`s ranking and improve its visibility to potential readers.