Pabellón de Mediación

“El pabellón de mediación” is a blow-up architecture in the shape of a tube of about 2 meters high and 6 meters long, inside of which all kind of services and activities take place, that intercede between a Contemporary Art event and the audience that visits it.

Starting from this premise, during the 4 days long event, the station is installed the entrance/exit of the event venue. A series of activities that were proposed by its visitors through a “suggestion box” takes place inside (and sometimes outside) of the temporary structure. The pavillion, apart from being the space in which the visitors’ proposals were gathered, had other uses, such as: bicycle renting to tour the venue; a workshop area in which visitors interact with the artists of the exhibit; a projection and microphone system to be used by visitors.

Workshops, lectures, performances, dance sessions, etc… All these activities were possible thanks to a group of mediators from the University of Bogotá that were working at the station during the whole event, and to the audience’s participation, which was involved throughout the event.

For its final closing act, the last activity on the pavilion was its own dismantlement, deflation and packaging.