¿Quién pidió participación?

This project was carried out in collaboration with MAC (Bogotá Museum of Contemporary Art) and the La Agencia collective in Bogotá as part of their “Escuela de Garaje“.

We organized two sessions with members of the public who visited the school. The first was a talk about the role of performance in public demonstrations and its use as a tool of protest. The second was a practical session in the museum plaza, consisting of a performance prepared by participants during the preceding session.

“Who asked for participation?” investigates the idea of developing a “passive performance”, a type of collective action which, in protest contexts, will not result in violent action by repressive forces.

The action was carried out at a previously stipulated time and place (the MAC plaza). All participants wore t-shirts with letters printed on them. As each participant reached his or her prearranged position, the letters on their t-shirts formed a phrase. Once the phrase had been made, the group had to dissolve before repeating the action after a few hours.