User Agreement Aws

27.2. In the event that a certain Cognito user pool does not have active users within 12 months, we may delete the Cognito user pool after 30 days` notice. It is presumed that you have taken all measures that you authorize, support or facilitate a natural or legal person in connection with this agreement, your content or the use of the services offered. You are responsible for the use of your content and service offerings by end users. You shall ensure that all end users comply with your obligations under this Agreement and that the terms of your agreement with each End User comply with this Agreement. If you become aware of an end user`s breach of your obligations under this Agreement, you will immediately suspend end user access to your content and service offerings. We do not offer any support or service to end users unless we have a separate agreement with you or an end user that requires us to provide such support or service. › AWS Customer Agreement – This agreement governs your use of our Services 1.7. If your agreement does not contain any provisions regarding AWS Confidential Information and you and AWS do not have an effective confidentiality agreement, you agree not to disclose confidential AWS information (as defined in the AWS Customer Agreement), except as required by law. (c) cooperate with other AWS customers. We only use account information in accordance with the AWS Elemental Privacy Policy, which is located in (and any successors or locations we have designated) that we may update from time to time, and you agree to such use. You also acknowledge that the personal data you provide, including account information, may be transferred to other countries or jurisdictions outside your country or jurisdiction of residence and that the protection of such information, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country or jurisdiction to which such information is transferred, may not be comparable or as protective as the protection afforded to such information in your country or jurisdiction. Residence…..