What Was The Anglo German Naval Agreement

The Anglo-German naval agreement was signed on 18 June 1935 by Germany and Great Britain. It was a bilateral agreement between Britain and Germany that governed the size of the German navy or navy. The agreement limited the navy to 35% of the size of the British Royal Navy on the basis of tonnage. The Anglo-German naval agreement was registered on 12 July 1935 in the League of Treaties of Nations and lasted until 28 April 1939, when Adolf Hitler renounced it. The Anglo-German naval agreement was an attempt to improve relations between Germany and Great Britain. The Germans saw the agreement as the beginning of an alliance against the Soviet Union and France. But for Britain, it was the beginning of arms restrictions that were to limit Germany`s expansion. This agreement was considered very controversial by many other nations, because Tonnageratio gave Germany the power to produce a navy much larger than the Treaty of Versailler had authorized. It was also carried out without prior consultation with Italy or France. (e) If, as long as other major maritime powers retain a single category for cruisers and destroyers, Germany has the right to have a single category for these two categories of ships, it would see these classes in two categories. In 1938, the only use the Germans had for the agreement was to threaten to give up pressure on London to accept continental Europe as Germany`s legitimate sphere of influence.

[57] At a meeting on 16 April 1938 between Sir Nevile Henderson, the United Kingdom`s ambassador to Germany, and Hermann Goering, he stated that this had never been appreciated in England, and he bitterly regretted that Mr. Hitler had never accepted it at the time without getting anything in return. This was a mistake, but Germany would not remain inferior in this regard in the face of a hostile United Kingdom and would be 100% constituted. [58] The Anglo-German Naval Agreement established a report that the total tonnage of the Navy should be 35% of the Royal Navy`s total tonnage. [1] On July 12, 1935, he was registered in the League of Nations Treaty Series. [2] The agreement was denounced by Adolf Hitler on April 28, 1939. In recent days, representatives of the German government and Her Majesty`s Government have met in the United Kingdom, whose main objective was to pave the way for a general conference on the subject of naval armament limitation. I am very pleased to report to Your Excellency that Her Majesty`s Government in the United Kingdom has formally accepted the German Government`s proposal, which was discussed during these discussions, that the future strength of the German Navy in terms of the overall strength of the members of the Commonwealth of British Nations should be 35:100. Her Majesty`s Government in the United Kingdom considers this proposal to be a contribution of the utmost importance for the future limitation of the sea. They also believe that the agreement they have now reached with the German government and which they see as a permanent and final agreement between the two governments from today will facilitate the conclusion of a general agreement on the subject of maritime restriction between all the world`s maritime powers.

g) Given that it is very unlikely that the calculation of 35%. For each category of vessels, tonnages must be indicated exactly by the maximum tonnage allowed for vessels in this category, and adjustments may be necessary to ensure that Germany is not excluded from the full use of its tonnage.