Ya había explicado esto antes pero la historia cambia cada vez que la explico de nuevo

“Ya había explicado esto antes pero la historia cambia cada vez que la explico de nuevo” is a special project for the exhibition “Ni Arte ni Educaciónwhich consists of a collection of seven art works, a seminar with Mônica Hoff and a programme of performative guided tours. The whole project revolves around the idea of the guided tour as an artistic format, and the use of persuasion or manipulation in artistic discourse.

The guided tour is a communicative and sometimes interactional practice, between an educator and an interested public, in which certain dynamics of persuasion and manipulation are established. During such an event the educator exercises control over the public by way of his or her discourse and the imposture of the voice and gesture. To be more specific, this manipulation involves the exercising of a form of illegitimate influence through discourse: the manipulators make others believe and do things which are favourable to the manipulator and (at times) not favourable to the person being manipulated. In a semiotic sense, this illegitimate influence can also be exercised with paintings, photos, films, etc.; hence the art works on display in the exhibition.

To accompany the project, a two-day seminar was held by the Brazilian investigator Mônica Hoff, head of the pedagogical project of the Bienal do Mercosul for nine years.

The performative visits were carried out by the MeCHive collective. The photographs are by Jorge Mirón and Sara Torres.